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LED Light Controllers

We offer two types of LED controllers:

WiFi - which uses a mobile phone/tablet APP to control the color and behavior

RF - which uses a small remote control to control the color and behavior


Some customers with Yachts, choose to power their standard, non RGB strips/ribbons using our controller, as it works on 12-24VDC. It's an effective way to make our 12 Volt strips work on 24 Volt vessels. 

  • Radio Frequency Remote RGB Controller

    Radio Frequency Remote RGB Controller for controlling RGB STRIP or RGB RIBBON lights. RGB controller only - Requires separate Strip Light/Ribbon Lights.    This controller does not need a smart device (phone/tablet) to operate. 

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  • WiFi RGB Controller

    WiFi RGB Controller - pair with a compatible smart device (phone/tablet) works with Android and iOS devices. Requires free download from the App Store/Google Play. RGB controller only - Requires separate Strip Light/Ribbon Lights. 

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