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Why Buy SeaMaster Lights

Why buy SeaMaster Lights when there are zillions of lower priced alternatives on the market?

SeaMaster Lights are built to last even in the toughest conditions. 

When you buy SeaMaster Lights you're buying more than a product, it's: Lights for Life. (TM)

Mount them anywhere to add lighting for work spaces, safety and night vision preservation, or enhancing deck areas.

Simple mounting and wiring make connecting to power sources super easy. You can now replace those old fluorescent lights with LED cartridges and see what you've been missing.

SeaMaster low profile housings come in powder coated black and white finishes or classic chrome to add a designer look to any T-Top or other area.



SeaMaster has an array of LED lighting to fit every application. Our extensive product line consists of several Low

Profile LED Lights and a variety of LED Strip Lights. Each product is handcrafted to our specifications, inspected by our technicians and packaged here in the U.S.. Designed and manufactured to last, every product comes backed with a lifetime warranty.

The 4 Elements that define a SeaMaster Lights:


Waterproof Rating

SeaMaster Strip Lights have been Tested & Approved to an IP68 Rating! The light assembly is to be tested to the requirements of the ISO 60529 to determine compliance of the item to the IP68; Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures. The result of the test performed indicates that the light assembly meets the IP68 rating of the ISO 60529 Standard.


Ignition Proof Rating

SeaMaster Strip Lights have been USCG Approved to be Ignition Proof! This means you can safely mount our strip lights any place you like on your boat. SeaMaster lights provide an excellent lighting source in dark storage and bilge compartments. Below deck installation is easy and best of all there are no corrosive metals or bulb contacts to fail.



Marinization (a.k.a., marinised - either spelling is correct) is design, redesign or testing of products specifically for use and long-term survival in the harsh marine environment. This process is typically used by manufacturing industries providing for the many military organizations, primarily the navies. There are three main factors that need to be considered for a product to be truly marinized. Corrosion, vibration and a constantly changing attitude of the vessel. All three factors are a constant in the marine environment, even on the calmest of days they still apply. Of the four elements of design that we feel are important in the manufacturing and sustainability of any marine grade product there is one that sets us apart from the rest......marinization/marinisation.


Lifetime Warranty

We are confident in our products and their quality, longevity and overall performance that we will warranty* repair/replacement for any manufacturing defect for the duration of its lifetime. *Warranties are exclusive to registered products purchased through authorized dealers and distributors. View our Lifetime Warranty Policy. Warranty eligibility subject to terms and requires registration with SeaMaster Lights and proof of purchase from an authorized dealer/retailer. See packaging for more information. 



Ribbon Lights are our newest product.  They are available in solid blue, solid white or RGB in the following lengths:

2' Ribbon, 4' Ribbon, 10' Ribbon, 20' Ribbon


Strip Lights are available in Single color standard & high output LED, dual color LED, Single Packs or 2-Packs. For product specifications and details click on the desired length.

5" Strip Lights10" Strip Lights20" Strip Lights40" Strip Lights


Low Profile Lights are available in standard chrome finish or powder coated white anodized aluminum housings. Options for this style light are Dual Color White/Blue or White/Red & Tri-Color White/Red/Blue.

Oval T-Top Lights


Round T-Top Lights come in the standard chrome finish anodized aluminum housing. Round Replacement Cartridges take the place of the old Fluorescent style lighting. Round In Pipe Lights put the custom look on Tuna Towers.

Round Tube Lights


WiFi RGB LED Lighting. There is no end to the custom lighting options you can create with this kit. Simply download the WiFI RGB LED App and go wild.



RF Remote RGB LED LightingYou can either allow the lights to cycle through a continuous color changing pattern, or stop the controller at any color you like. The possibilities are endless.

RF Remote RGB LED Kit